Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Are you Experienced?

I got hooked on Reggae Marathon when Bob Moore and his wife Debbie took Sally and I under their wings at my first Reggae Marathon 8 years ago. I finished well after the crowds and musicians had left for the morning. But there they were in the blazing mid-morning sun waiting for my finish!  As the photo here shows, I was spent!  I even forgot to get my finisher medal!  Sally grabbed it for me.  I ran the race but she earned that Finisher Medal!  That was my first Reggae Marathon Experience...the start of an 8 year run.

The Regae Marathon Experience is highly personal. Each Reggae Marahoner enjoys their own personal experience but there are three main ingredients:  People, Music, Negril.  Combine with your own special 'spices' to create your own Reggae Marathon Experience.  But be warned... Once experienced it becomes an obsession!
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