Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Must. Have. Coffee

Must. Have. Coffee.

This is not a debatable.  First thing in the morning, after my first glass of water and before my early morning run, I must have a cup of coffee.

I like a Costa Rican blend from the Lowlaw's President's Choice label.  That's reserved for the brewed coffee maker.  For my single serving before running, I turn to our trusty single-serving Tassimo. Double Caffe au lait hits the spot.  Jamaica Blue Mountain is a special annual treat at Reggae Marathon every December...it's a nice goal to have.

I can't honestly say I'm a nicer person after a cup of coffee.  I can confirm though that pre-coffee I'm a sleepy-headed stumble bum.  I chalk up my last broken foot incident (The Boot Returns) to a meeting with an ottoman pre-coffee.  A coffee maker in the bedroom?  Hmmm...could I convince Sally?

There are side effects of course to too much caffeine. But I only drink a couple or three cups each morning...side effects be dammed!  There may come a day when I have to reduce my caffeine intake but today is not that day (I stole that from a movie).  For now is Coffee.  Must. Have. Coffee!

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