Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Running like the wind

Look out for me this Saturday morning, June 25 burning it up at the Toronto Waterfront 10K.  It's my third and final race this spring and I'm pumped!
The Finisher Medal looks really cool and if all goes to plan I should be slipping it over my head around 8:20 am. I put it out there:  Targeting 50 minutes to finish.  

If you've been following my journey so far you'll know I improved my pace from the High Park Spring Run Off 8K to the Sporting Life 10K.  The first one was my first 10K in Toronto in eons and featured two steep hills...the second one at the finish.  My second race, the Sporting Life 10K was mostly downhill so I expected an improvement...and got it. The Toronto Waterfront 10K is more honest...a slight downhill to start but flat for most of it. I've training hard with my Workout from Hell and if conditions are good, I'm going to go for it this Saturday!

As usual you'll be able to follow along on Facebook and Twitter.  I promise to only post updates at the Start, 5k mark and Finish.

As the running saying goes, "May the wind be at my back"...

Until next time...

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