Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ran my race

I ran my race on Sunday.  And it felt good!

I was ready for the Sporting Life 10K this past Sunday.  I'd trained well in the few weeks leading up to race day doing speed-work and distance runs. Last week I tapered according to plan including a rest day on Saturday.  No alcohol for the week either and I went heavy on the pasta for a couple days prior to Sunday.  I was ready to run my race.

Sunday morning in the pre-dawn I ate my usual small bowl of oatmeal washed down with coffee and a couple glasses of water.  Since I was taking the TTC to the start I also packed an energy bar for the 40 minute bus ride across town to the start.

My tunes were set:  "Two Step" by Dave Matthews Band followed up by Led Zeppelin's "Ramble On".  Pitter patter, let's get at 'er!

It's a big crowd of runners at the Sporting Life 10K and as usual the race organizers were well prepared to handle us with lots of knowledgeable volunteers and port-a-potties.  After changing into my race shoes...Puma's of course...I had a final bio break, checked my bag and headed out for my pre-race warm up:  Short sprints to get the legs turning over quickly with some recovery jogs.

I lined up at 7:40 am in the Green corral.  That was for runners running a 55 - 60 minute race.  I expected to finish faster but wanted to be at the front of the pack at the start.  30 minutes to stand in place waiting for our start time of 8:10 am.

Fun fact:  The first wave of runners started at 7:30 am.  My son Court and his wife Amy started in that wave.  Court's expected time was 41 minutes.  He finished his race as I started!

At the gun, I got a great start.  Fast and comfortable. Despite the adrenelin, I stayed on my plan and didn't get sucked into following faster runners early on.  That proved fortuitous.  Around 6 km my left hamstring tightened up and I had to slow for about 3 km's before I picked up the pace for the final km.  While my overall time was a few of minutes over my planned 52 minute finish time, I was very pleased:  Over 1 minute per km faster than my first race in April at the High Park Spring Run Off.

Overall finish in the top half and also in my age category.  Dam that hamstring! Now some time off to allow the hamstring to heal before my next race at the end of June.

Until next time...

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