Tuesday, September 29, 2015

One race left to run

I've only got one race left to run on my bucket list. It's a big one that's very far outside my comfort zone .  But I'll have 3 years to plan and train...I have it scheduled for 2018.  The race?   The Haliburton Forest 100 Miler.

I want to run this race in 2018 to celebrate turning 60.  I looked into other extreme races like the Gobi Desert March and the Death Valley Race.  I seriously considered the Gobi Desert March, even shared the idea with Sally.  "Make sure your life insurance is paid up" she said.  I shuddered, came to my senses and agreed that running 250+ km's across a desert in China over 7 days wasn't a good idea for me.

'Haliburton Forest 100 Miler' has a nice ring to it.  It's an extreme challenge for sure.  By then I'll probably be able to stream the entire experience on YouTube which should be cool for about 10 minutes at the start and another 10 minutes at the finish.  I'm not sure yet how to properly train and prepair for a 100 mile trail race.  I'm all ears for suggestions so don't be shy. If you want to join me, all the better. Stay tuned over the next few years for updates.

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