Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Don't hold your breath

Don't hold your breath!  And breathe from your stomach versus your chest.  Those are the two pieces of advice that will have the biggest impact on your running.  OK, the first one you can ignore!

Back in broadcasting school, we were taught a breathing technique called 'Diaphramatic Breathing'. Basically breathing by moving your stomach in and out.  In that less politically correct time, our instructor had us stand up against a wall, placed his hand on each of our stomachs in turn and have us practice moving our stomach in and out by inhaling and exhaling.  That's a hands-on approach that wouldn't play today in any class room but it sure was effective.  I wasn't running then but once I started I experienced the value of breathing from the stomach versus my chest.

Fast forward to earlier this year.  I started Planking.  And almost immediately I noticed a marked improvement in my breathing as my ab muscles have gotten stronger.  I've noticed I can run faster, harder and longer without 'loosing my breath'.  I may not be running any faster but I'm enjoying my running more than ever.  I found this chart recently that goes into more detail on the value or proper breathing.  Don't hold your breath!

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