Sunday, August 16, 2015

How to get consumers to fall in love with your cars

"Get 'em to fal in love".  Emotion and passion!

I love cars.  Always have.  Folklore in my family is that my first word was 'Opel'.  My Dad was driving a cool 2 door Fastback from Germany at the time so maybe there's some truth in that.  

I like to sketch.  Doodle actually.  I've put pen-to-paper on occassion and sketched open-wheeled race cars.  My efforts sure didn't look like these!

One of my most vivid early car experiences was in my Uncle's mid-60's VW Beetle. Compared to Beetles today it was pretty basic.  But was it ever cool!  Made a great racket as he blipped the gas pedal while shifting.  I loved riding shotgun!

One car maker that always gets my blood pumping is Ferrari.  I like the mid-engine cars but love the Daytona-style models:  Front engine, rear drive.  Timeless and Classic!

The Shelby Mach 1.  Growing up it was a rear treat to see a Mach 1 rumble down the street.  It just looked and sounded right.  

A good friend just restored a Deuce Coupe.  Actually he built one!  He took a bare-bones chassis without an engine, restored the body and added an engine.  He took it on a long drive recently...I wish I could have gone with him.

Over the years I've talked with a lot of car guys.  From Corporte Executives, Engineers and Marketers, Car Dealers, Friends who love cars.  The common thread is that we love cars and love talking about cars.  For auto manufacturers, car illustrations may not be a rational way to 'move the metal' but they sure make a long and lasting emotional connection.


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