Tuesday, August 18, 2015

190 lbs!

190 lbs...ish

190 lbs.  And that only took a couple of weeks!  I'll hit my 175 lb. weight target for sure by Reggae Marathon this December.  Piece of cake!

OK, so it's mostly water loss from sweating that's responsible for this weight loss so-far but I'll take it!  I'm using every trick I can think of:  I run first thing in the morning before eating then weigh myself right after coming back before drinking any water...hey, every ounce counts!

I have 175 lbs marked on the bathroom scale and now it's only 15 lbs. to go.  I'm not sure I'll be able to eliminate the beer or salty snacks but I've started to drink more water throughout the day and make sure I have a glass with every meal.  I've also included higher-intensity workouts each week but take a lot of care with those.  I don't want any recurrence of foot injuries (Broken foot).

The higher intensity workouts include hill repeats, negative split out and back runs and speed work and strides on the nearby highschool track.  I'm even using a Navin trick: Telling myself to run 'just a little faster'.

And while they don't burn a lot of calories, I Plank every morning before and after my run.

So 5 lbs down from 195 lbs feels pretty good.  Now if only I could cut out the salty snacks and beer...

Until next time...

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