Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Let the sun shine

15days!  That's how long it was without sunshine in Toronto.  I didn't like it one bit!

Yes I run in the pre-dawn hours so I don't see the sun when I start out on my morning runs.  I look forward to seeing the sunrise though.  That has gone missing these past few weeks with fog, rain and snow.  As I finished my runs I could only look forward to the darkness morphing into grey.

The snow was sympathetic changing into a black slop that mirrored the sky above.  People on the street and drivers in their vehicles stopped smiling.  Commuters pulled their toques down and pushed their collars up in a bid to hide from the dullness.  It was not beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

"Let the sun shine in!" we cried.

Then without warning a strange sight rose over the horizon from the east one morning.  Thankfully I'm am early riser and witnessed it first hand while out running:  A bright yellow glow signaled that the sun was back!  Hallelujah!  Break out the sunglasses...put away the Vitamin D.

S.A.D...Seasonally Adjusted Depression...was over for after just one sight of the sunrise I enjoyed my run that morning.  It re-filled my memory banks. I'm running again with a smile.

Until next time...

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