Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New Running Shoes! Pumas Unleashed!

Have you ever done anything to impress someone?  Have you ever done anything to impress an object? That's a totally different thing and I did that in my first run in these new Puma Faas 1000's:  I ran to impress the running shoes!

A few months ago when I made the mistake of buying a pair of ugly running shoes from a discount store, I hated running in them and felt them made me run more slowly.  For my first run in these Pumas's I felt I had to impress the shoes...I didn't want them to think I was a slogger!

And these Puma's responded...I had a great run!  Maybe it was all in my mind but nothing beats a new pair running shoes especially a pair as good looking at these.  Once I've had a few runs in them I'll have an update on how they really perform.  So far so good though.

Puma Faas 1000 Running Shoes...Pumas Unleashed!

Yes, the Pumas have been unleashed in Central Etobicoke.  Watch out Raccoons!

For the video of the full reveal, check out this video:  Pumas Unleashed.

Until next time...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

These Ugly Running Shoes are...Indestuctible!

Indestructible Out Soles

These ugly running shoes are indestructible!  What gives?

Despite my best efforts, the out soles of these Ugly Runners haven't shown any wear.  I've recently run on some gnarly surfaces including rocks, concrete sidewalks and in heavy rain.  Nothing, not a scuff mark to make a difference.  I have noticed that they don't like the rain though...no traction at all.  Another strike.

I know, I know...I should bite the bullet, get rid of these ugly things and pick up a Snazzy pair.  But as you know I am a cheap bugger loathe to spend money on myself (I can hear Sally warming up right about now).

And of all the things to skimp on:  Running Shoes!  Back in the day when I was competing in Triathlons I thought nothing of spending over $1,000 on a special Giant Tri Bike (I told you it was back in the day...today that same bike would go for $3,000).  And it was nothing to buy special Aero bars, pumps and bottles without a second thought.

I guess since I've bought so many running shoes over the years that the thought of wasting money on this one ugly pair has caused this angst.

'Shoe gods where are you when I need you most?'

Until next time...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ahhh...to be 12 years old again

All-natural Time Machine
I discovered Time Travel last weekend!

While out for a later-than-normal Saturday morning run along the Humber River Trails, I was struck by an overwhelming emotion:  I felt as is I was 12 years old again!

The feeling came on unexpectedly and even caused me to stop running.  I quickly realized that the spot along the river reminded me of a place where I used to play near my home in Kingston, Jamaica.  That was the Gully behind the empty lot across from our house on Bridgemount Drive. I would spend endless hours with my childhood friend Michael building forts along the banks of the Gully. Defending against what I can't recall but it was always satisfying to turn up at home for dinner completely covered in dirt and mud after a day running wild.

Michael was a crazy, fearless kid...one weekend we got it into our minds that we needed to make weapons. Not just any weapons, Cannons!  We put a list of necessary materials together:  Bamboo (to make the Cannon barrel), Saltpeter, Charcoal, Sulpher (to make the gunpowder). Sadly...or thankfully...we only succeeded in making a pile of nasty smelling, fast burning 'gunpowder' that almost burned down a shed in his backyard.  Ramming that concoction into a bamboo tube and igniting it would in hindsight not have ended well!

That blast back into my past lasted less than 60 seconds but it was real.  It felt great to be 12 again...if only for a minute.

Until next time...

(Note:  The Recipe for our home-made gunpowder is only a 30 year old memory of what I think transpired.  It is not meant to inspire you to 'try this at home')

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Content Marketing: The New Norm

A few years ago Social Media was all the rage.  Big, faceless institutions rushed to get into Social Media. Some spent time developing 'Roadmaps';  most set up Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts and even Blogs; a few actually thought about the Content.  Fast forward a few years and we have the new norm, Content Marketing.

Content Marketing is Marketing:  Working strategically to get someone to prefer and hopefully buy your product or service.  We've seen an increase in demand for people who understand this and more importantly know how to do it. This particular position for a Toronto-based Client is typical of the jobs we are working on now:  Demand Generation/Inside Sales.


Chris Morales

647 393 3855

Linkedin:  Chris M Morales 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Running Neighbourhood

I get to run in the Kingsway.  For those of you in the know, this is a nice neighbourhood...a very nice neighbourhood.  I know people who live 'near the Kingsway' who lie and say they do.  It's a heavily treed area of mostly single family homes on large lots.  The meandering roads make for some very enjoyable running.

Homes in the Kingsway can be broken down into three general categories. First there are the Ultra large Real Mansions.  Most back onto ravine lots and a few even but up to the exclusive St. George Golf Club.  These are at the top of the food chain and are either on the actual Kingsway road itself or nearby.  I swear nobody lives in these places...the same couple of nice vehicles are always in the same places on the driveways (don't these people like parking in their heated, underground 6 car plus garages??).  Daydream: "That's the kind of house I'll buy when I win the Lotto Max".

The next level down are the 'Regular Mansions'.  These are still way bigger than the homes most people live in but the lots are smaller and the 'Big' houses take up much more of the lot.  These are the homes that the 'Middle Class' live in.  That'd be true if the average income in Canada was $1,000,000 per year.  Nice houses, nice cars...really nice roads with sidewalks cleared soon after snowfalls.  Great for winter running.

Finally are the 'Regular Homes'.  Smaller on smaller lots but still over $1 Million.  Whew...not much in the way of Starter Homes in and around the Kingsway. These homes have immaculately maintained front yards with owners who do the work themselves.  On even my early morning runs I often see the home owners and they often take note and wave a friendly greeting.  Nice.  The photo above is of one of the streets of Regular Homes.

I've lived and run in some nice places...the Beach at Wasaga Beach is a high light...but the meandering roads in my current running neighbourhood are some of the nicest roads I've run on.

Until next time...