Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Verdict is in on Ugly Running Shoes

Facebook has spoken and the the verdict is in:  Ugly Running Shoes are slow running shoes!

After last week's blog post, 'Do you run slower in Ugly Running Shoes', my Facebook Page lit up with helpful responses.  Looking good is important to feeling good...of all people I should have remembered that when I fell under the Discount Store merchandising spell and mistakenly purchased these runners.  I am lothe to discard them so soon so Jetola's advice to 'run faster so I can get out of them more quickly' hit the right note.  Thanks for your comments guys...I know I can always depend on you:

Thankfully I haven't put enough miles on these Running Shoes (Raced last in Negril at Reggae Marathon 2013).  I'll save them for my speed and track workouts...they look great and feel fabulous.

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