Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Top 10 Running Songs

While not strictly songs with 'running' in their titles or subject lines, these are a few of my favorite running songs. I can sing along, wail away on an air guitar and bash away on my imaginary drum set to all of them. Most are in the heavy metal rock genre but a couple will surprise you.

#10. 'Firestarter', The Prodigy.  "Wake up!".  This will get the blood flowing .  This is one track that needs to be played LOUD!

#9. 'Ramble On', Led Zeppelin.  My favorite Led Zepplin song and arguably the best Led Zepplin tune of all.  It combines their signature acoustic 'Gentle' side with driving rock riffs.  There's also a reference to Lord of the Rings that I love.

#8. 'Thunderstruck', AD/DC.  An amazing guitar riff to start followed up with a driving bass line that doesn't let up for the entire track.

#7.  'Tubthumping', Chumbawumba.  Motivation 101:  "I get knocked down but I get up again'.  One night in Minneapolis at a Dance Club called First Street I danced on stage to this.  Next time you see me ask me to tell you the story.

#6. 'Right here, Right now', Fat Boy Slim.  Whenever I feel like quitting on a run (or not going out at all), the lyrics of this track get me 'back on track'.

#5. 'Sausilito Summer Nights', Diesel.  By now you might be able to tell that I love a heavy, driving bass line combined with a catchy riff.  This is one of the best.

#4.  'Hold your head up', Argent.  A chesnut from my miss-spent teen years in High School which should give you a pretty good idea of my vintage.  As an FYI, the 70's were not a particularly good look for me.

#3. 'We don't need another Hero', Tina Turner.  From the movie, Thunderdome.  Starts gently with an undercurrent of tension then snaps to a driving, wailing Tina Turner in fine song.  Plus you have to see her costume from the official video.  Amazing!

#2. 'Down on the Corner', Creedence Clearwater Revival.  I fell in love with CCR when I heard this song. The guitar riff is never far from my consciousness.

And my all-time favorite song for running, driving, on the subway, on an airplane...you get my drift:

#1. 'Baba O'riley', The Who.  I've always loved this track from the Who.  It's the lead on Side 1.  One of my favorite lines is, "Sally take my hand...".  Maybe way back when I first heard this I knew I'd be with my Sally some day.

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