Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Looking Good at the Sporting Life 10K

Every runner is delusional.  In our mind we are all Elite Marathoners and have the smooth, effortless running style of a Gazelle.  In reality, and speaking for myself, I'm closer to a plodder with a painful-looking running style.  Having this discrepancy between fantasy and reality is why I continue to run...maybe one day I'll have that svelte, easy style.  Or maybe not...

This is my son Andrew at the recent Sporting Life 10K.  He had a very respectable time of sub-42 minutes. And he did it looking good!

I was a mere 16 minutes behind him.  Both he and his brother Court were at the finish waiting for their 'Old Man'.  Even though we didn't run side-by-side we ran together.  That was special.

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