Thursday, April 3, 2014

In conversation with...Smartphone Challenges in Canada

Superphones have replaced Smartphones.  That's what it says on the web site of my Mobile phone Service Provider.  And even though I'm not a Digital Native, I find myself doing more and more with my, Superphone...through the convenience of Apps.  This single fact has changed everything in the marketing world.  As my Client's continue to build their digital expertise, 'Mobile' seems to be at the bulls eye of their needs.  I screen for Analysts, eCRM, Social Media and Digital Campaign jobs with an eye on the Candidate's experience in Mobile.

I had the opportunity recently to speak with a senior Sales Executive major Smartphone manufacturer.  In particular, the insights he shared helped frame the talent gap in both sales and marketing.

What Business challenge is your highest priority?
I have two.  First, convincing our internal leadership team that B2B vs B2C should be our focus for growth.  Until we are all aligned, we will continue to waste cycles on the internal struggle between the B2B and B2C go to market channels.  Second, convincing customers that my products and services are secure and manageable, as opposed to the platform that we base our business products on.

What is your #1 Marketing Challenge?
Awareness of our enterprise offerings!  Establishing creditability and a unique identity for our product in a market that is perceived to be unsecure, unmanageable and fraught with malware.  

What Canadian companies are doing 'Innovative' Marketing?
Telus, Samsung (to some degree) and Banks to some degree with mobile banking, partnering with mobile carriers on initiatives.

We've heard about the 'Talent Gap'.  What are the talent gaps in your business?
Experienced and qualified internal support personnel who understand the Enterprise and SMB channel, its needs and its differences to that of the consumer channel.  Sales reps with experience in mobility enterprise sales.

What keeps you up at night?
What doesn’t!  :)  Three things.  First, simply trying to manage the workload driven by national responsibilities in both direct sales, carrier channel enablement and regional and national marketing programs. Second, fear of biting off more than I/we can chew due to the current attention we are receiving from customers and end-users, which in my opinion is a limited window of opportunity.  And finally, lack of resources to firstly secure and secondly support the business that is ours to lose


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