Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Random Running Ruminations

"Ruminations".  There...I got to use a 'Three Dollar Word'.  Sally will be so proud.  Now I just have to use it correctly. Borrowing a page from her book, here is the dictionary definition:
ru·mi·na·tion  (rm-nshn) n.
1. The act of pondering; meditation.
2. The act or process of chewing cud.
Hmmm...Sally has noted that sometimes while watching TV I absentmindedly 'Chew my cud'.  I am definitely on to something here.  And the best part:  while running I both chew my cud and ponder.  Here are some of my recent ruminations:
  • From Dan Cumming, Seasoned Runner, Running Guru, Marathoner, Ultra Runner, this gem about setting a new running goal:  "In your next 10K, run your age".  He suggested this after seeing my chip time from the recent Sporting Life 10K in Toronto.  So for me this means running a 55 minute 10K.  To do it I'll need to shave 4 minutes or so off my time.  Summer training here we come!
  • "I gotta loose some weight, I gotta loose some weight...".
  • "When the H did I put on this weight?".  Darn salty snacks...and beer!
  • Time to buy new shoes.  Do I go minimalist again or find a happy medium.  I like the mid-foot running style...comfortable and I feel like I can run all day.  Suggestions?
  • Breathe! From the stomach...I think they call it 'Diaphramatic Breathing'...there, that's my other $3 word for today!
  • Left, Right...repeat.  This isn't so hard.
And just like that I'm back home.  Nice run.  Now what were those great ideas that ran through my mind again?

Until next time...


I'm raising funds for the Heart & Stroke Foundation in 2013.  My goal is to raise $2,000 by December 31.  My other planned races in 2013 include:

  1. The Toronto Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 1/2 Marathon, October 20
  2. The Reggae Marathon, December 7.  
Please join me on Facebook at Run for Heart.

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