Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Running topless again

Courtesy of Runner's World
I ran topless at Reggae Marathon in 2011.  Nervous at first but in the pitch black of the pre-dawn after the 5:15 am start it seemed safe enough.  And it was cool.  I mean refreshing.

Since my foot injury in September I've been swimming and running in the local pool. Topless of course.  This time no staring or shout-outs...unless the admiring glances from the 'older ladies' means anything.  Not that I notice of course...it's 6 am, I'm barely awake and it's all business.

Running in the pool seems easier than running on land at first blush.  For sure it is certainly easier on the knees and feet than pounding the pavement.  But after the last few weeks I can tell you that running in the pool is hard work!  And you don't know you're sweating!

My general workout goes like this:
  • 100 metres of swimming to warm up
  • 30 - 40 minutes of 'running' in the deep end
  • 100 metres swimming to cool down
For the running I've used a boogie board to give me some buoyancy.  I tried a flotation belt last week and was able to simulate the full running-on-land motion.  I think I'll continue with the flotation belt...it's better for simulating the full running form.  The biggest challenge though is boredom. It's tough not to watch the clock ... time seems to go oh so slowly when I'm basically treading water for 40 minutes.  

If like me you're a die-hard runner recovering from injury (or if you just want a total body workout), I'd recommend pool running.  Here are a couple of good sites to check out:
I can't promise I'll run topless at Reggae Marathon again this December.  But to paraphrase a phrase from my Reggae Marathon friend, Bob Moore, "Once you go, you know".  And you just never know what will happen the morning of December 1 in Negril.

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