Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Running god: What have you done with Chris?

"Who the hell is that?"

When I saw this photo of me from 30 years ago I couldn't believe MY eyes!  I mean...holy crap!  Couldn't I have at least picked a larger size tuxedo?  And the hair...what's with the hair?  I must have cut it myself...wait, I did!!

Seriously though, this was taken at age 25 at the peak of my weight and waist size: 225 lbs (give or take) and 42".  Yes, it was taken before I took up running.  Oh, and did I mention that my blood pressure was 'heading into concern territory' according to my doctor.  Salty snacks and a totally sedentary lifestyle were the culprits.  Running a marathon as I did in 2009 at Reggae Marathon was not even a slightest thought.  Heck, waddling to the cupboard to get a bag of salty snacks was about as much as I could manage at the time.

But the most bizarre thing...and that triggered me to write this post was that at the time I felt normal!  I mean, that's who I was.  I didn't think anything was wrong or amiss.

By now you know the story.  Got the health scare of following my Dad down the medication path to manage high blood pressure and decided to do something about it.  Running was the answer for me then and even with the recent nagging foot injuries still is.  I've tried cycling and swimming and while I enjoy both, I still come back to running.  I guess I like the tights.

I've had some great running experiences along the way including running in places like Sydney, Australia, Paris, France, Hong Kong, Sweden...pretty much any place I travelled for business or pleasure.  Check out "Getting back to the Beach". On business trips it was normal for me to run stupid early in order to get a run in before a long day of meetings.

I also met a lot of really nice people along the way most recently when I started running with the Wasaga Beach Road Runners when we lived up north.  And since Reggae Marathon, I've met even more really great people who keep me at it...the best motivation! Check out Dan and Larry the other 2 of the Reggae Runners Half Marathon Challengers.

But the coolest thing is how my family has reacted.  My sister's both work out regularly now.  In fact, Susan and her husband have become dedicated runners and Ginnette hits the treadmill at her gym regularly.  And I've had the special pleasure of running a number of times now with two of my sons:  Toronto Scotiabank 1/2 Marathon and Reggae Marathon twice.  In fact, we are going back again this December.  It will be my fourth.

I'm very glad the running god stole the 'old Chris'.  Shudder..... May he never return.

Until next time...

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