Monday, April 9, 2012

Heading toward disaster as fast as I could

Did you hear the one about the runner who went out for a long run and spent the last half walking?  That happened to me last weekend on what was supposed to be a relatively easy 1hour and 50 minute training run.  For a variety of reasons it didn't work out quite as planned.

It began with a great meal Friday night.  Sally is a fabulous cook and we enjoyed fresh Halibut over a bed of sauteed greens.  Lots of great protein but not much in the way of carbohydrates.  My fault entirely.

Combined with that was that I was fighting some kind of giddy head feeling.  My late Grandmother often referred to a general malice as having a 'Giddy Head'.  Instead of a shorter run, I pressed ahead with the LSD and figured a daytime cold/sinus pill would work.  Well, it did for the first 60 minutes.

And to compound the situation, my pre-run breakfast consisted of a single piece of bread and a small yogurt.  As you can see, I was heading for was only going to be a matter of time.

At around an hour into my 2 hour run the inevitable happened:  I crashed.  Slowed to a shuffle then finally walking.  That sucked!

In the end I managed to get in 1 hour and 50 minutes of training...too bad the last half was walking.

Until next time...

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