Sunday, July 17, 2011

If I live to be 100, I want to run on a beach

Only 47 years to go and I want to be running every day to get there.

If I do live to be 100 the one thing that will keep me motivated is a beach at sunset.  Walking barefoot on the sand and wading into the shallow, warm water is on my highlight reel.  Sally, Tia and I enjoyed that yesterday at the end of a glorious day in Southern Georgian Bay that started with my early morning along this stretch of Wasaga Beach.

I grew up in Jamaica and the most memorable experiences happened on the beach.  Dunns River Falls, Discovery Bay and especially Negril.  Now Negril was a special treat.  It was over a 4 hour hard drive to get there from our home outside of Kingston but it was worth it. The miles of white sand beach with the warm, shallow water were the best!

Driving north from Toronto to Wasaga Beach stimulates similar feelings.  It may seem strange to compare Negril to Wasaga Beach, but they are so similar that they beg comparison.  Both curve along miles of white sand and both have spectacular sunsets.  I'm fortunate to be able to enjoy both each year:  Negril  in December for the Reggae Marathon and Wasaga Beach the rest of the year.

If I do live to be 100 I the next 47 years will include time well spent walking and running on the beach.

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