Saturday, July 30, 2011

I love beer...I love running

As I sit here on the back deck this Saturday morning enjoying what we call ‘a perfect Wasaga morning’…  cool temperature, sun breaking the horizon on a cloudless sky…my thoughts turn to…beer!  I know how that that sounds but recently I have enjoyed a renewed interest in beer.  And not the stuff of my youth, but craft beer from a range of excellent craft breweries operating in Ontario.  My favorites include Red Stripe, Hockley Valley, Steam Whistle, and my new favorite Waterloo Dark from Brick Brewery in Kitchener/Waterloo.
Red Stripe at the end of the Reggae Marathon.  While this is not from a craft brewer in Ontario, it deserves special mention. At the conclusion of the Reggae Marathon, iimmediately after the fresh cut coconut, the cold Red Stripe goes down really well.  And since the race starts at 5:15 am, this is an early morning beer.  And it tastes really good! Hockley Valley does a really good job with a 3 pack:  Dark, Black and Tan and Stout.  Not too heavy for drinking even in the warm summer months. Steam Whistle Pilsner.  While I prefer the darker beers, my friend Josh introduced me to the light, refreshing taste of the Pilsner.  Nice beer but a little too light for me. And last but not least, Waterloo Dark from Brick Brewery.  A nice dark beer without the heavy taste.  Drinkable all year even in the summer when I have been enjoying it most. And it goes down nicely after a long, hot run.
What does beer have to do with running?  Nothing actually:  I love beer and I love running.

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  1. Well, beer and running do have a special link. Having not yet run the Reggae Marathon, but having drunk Red Stripe, I can't wait to see how the pairing goes. What I have done is run the Hood to Coast Relay six (6) times and I can tell you that the first beer on the beach at Seaside (some 197 miles from the start on Mt Hood and anywhere from 20 [my fastest team] to 28 hours [my slowest] of collective running through day and night, tastes superb!

  2. Thanks for the comment Dan. I can tell you that the beer immediately after the fresh coconut at the Reggae Marathon is the BEST!! I am looking forward to it once again this December.


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