Sunday, May 29, 2011

Running clears the head

Forget drugs.  Running is the best thing to clear the head and rejuvenate the spirit.  And running on the beach early morning takes it to a whole new level.

Saturday morning was heavily overcast but I was determined to go for a run on Wasaga Beach.  Working back from the foot injury has been going well and I was eager to get out and do some barefoot running along the hard-packed white sandy beach just minutes from our house.

After slipping on the Puma Faas 500's and running down to the beach, I stopped for a few minutes to savor the absolutely fresh early morning air.  Stress...what stress?  Minutes later I was happily running barefoot with absolutely no pain.  I felt like a kid again.

I know I thought about lots of things but by the end of my run my head was absolutely clear.  With the Puma's back on the run back home was even more light and effortless.  I can hardly wait until next weekend.

Until next time...

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