Saturday, April 16, 2011

Breakfast in running today :(

I had breakfast with my friend Andrew this morning in Stayner.  It was a miserable day for running and with the foot injury still dragging on, it was a great way to start the weekend.  Plus I didn't want to get the Pumas dirty.

Andrew is in real estate and has a great affinity for social media so we had a lot in common to talk about.  We chatted about business, family and life in general but stayed away from religion and politics...that's why we've become such good friends.  And I found out the secret to understanding the British: it's their steely, disciplined way combined with a naively arrogant, yet understated assumption that they can achieve anything they put their minds to.  I understood that.  It's what got me through my first Reggae Marathon in 2009.

Oh, and the breakfast of 3 eggs sunny-side up with bacon, toast, hash browns served with and hot coffee (milk, 2 artificial sweeteners) was great too.

Until next time...

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