Sunday, October 17, 2010

There was running involved at Paint Attack...$700 raised for Heart & Stroke

Thank you CMO, AMO, Sully, Fitz, Johnnie, Derek, Matt T, Michael P, CP, Alex!  What a perfect day Saturday at Wasaga Beach Paintball for the 2nd Annual Paintball fundraiser, Paint Attack, for the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario.  We raised over $700...and you got to shoot me!

We got together on October 16 for Paint Attack, the name our sons came up with for our paintball fundraising event.  They got a number of their friends to head up to Wasaga Beach for an afternoon of paintball and fundraising.  And of course, I played with them.

After the safety video, we all got suited up and had our paintmarkers issued.  We proceeded outside under near perfect conditions to the staging area where we met our referee.  With masks down, and a final safety briefing, we headed out to the playing fields, first stop, Western Town.  Even though it was friendly competition, it soon became clear that the 'game was on'.

Attack and defend, elimination, rescue the pilot...we lost track of the game scenarios.  And with so many outdoor playing fields, each game provided new opportunities to shoot...I meant mark...our opponent.  CMO, I love you dearly but I got you good in Blackhawk Town! 

And yes, they loved 'lighting up their Dad' in return.

Claiming that I had to go help Sally set up for the after party that featured a catered shrimp, chicken and steak BBQ by Goodies back at Saga Resort in Wasaga Beach, I begged off early.  True confession:  I was exhausted!  Running to stay out of your sights was my major objective all afternoon.

Thanks everybody.  We couldn't have done it without you.  100% of the proceeds went to the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario.  And Sally, thanks for making all the Paint Attack arrangements:  the hotel reservations at Saga Resort, the fantastic dinner from Goodies and of course taking the pictures.

Looking forward to Paint Attack III in 2011.

Until next year...
that running guy with a ton of help from all of you!

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