Monday, December 14, 2009

Reggae Marathon, Negril, Jamaica...what's not to like: sea, sand...running

What's not to love about Negril?  Miles of soft, white sandy beach.  Warm Caribbean water steps from our hotel every day. Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine!  Jerk pork, chicken, rice and peas from Ossies Jerk Centre across the road from our hotel, Foote Prints

After a simply fabulous Rasta Pasta carbo load party, the organizers of the Reggae Marathon asked me to speak at the Media Briefing about the story of running my first marathon and dedicating it to raising money for the Canadian Diabetes Association.  Well attended event with international media well represented.  This was the 9th year of the Reggae Marathon and participation surged to over 1,200 runners entered in the three events:  10 K, 1/2 Marathon and Full Marathon.  Next year, the 10th is expected to be even better.

6:00 am approaching the 5 mile mark.  I have no idea what mile 16 will feel like once the sun comes up...
Sally took this picture...after getting up early and before coffee.  A trooper!

Mile 9 and the sun is just cresting the tree line.  Although there is bagged water and Gatorade at each mile, I have a camel back water system, a water bottle with gels around my waist as well as the 700 ml bottle in my hand.  Taking no chances.  Turns out that a key way to stay cool is to spray water over my entire body while running.  Works. 

Another cool thing about the Reggae Marathon:  they play reggae music...Loud Reggae every mile along the entire route.  You run toward the music the entire race.  You can sing and run!

Can you say, "Get me an aspirin?"

26.2 miles.  5 hours and 25 minutes.  +42 degrees Celsius humidex.  It took 15 minutes in the cold shower cold water dumped over my head to remove that look of agony.  It was emotional.  It was worth it.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end.  Took this sunset picture on our last evening in Negril. 

Until next year...


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