Friday, November 20, 2009

Giving is the right thing to do!

Givers Gain.

That is the motto of  Business Network International (BNI).  I belong to the Georgian Bay Chapter based in Collingwood.  I use it with respect to illustrate the positive and inspiring things we have Reggae Marathon December experienced throughout 2009.  Especially in working toward the goal of raising $10,000 for the Canadian Diabetes Association by running in the Reggae Marathon on December 5 in Negril, Jamaica.

 So far we have raised just over $3,800.  Sally and I are blown away by the generous donations so far.

With two weeks to go, the final push is on:  training peaks this weekend with a long slow distance (LSD) run on Sunday with the Wasaga Beach Road Runners.  And we are looking for ways to raise the final $6,200.  You can reach me directly at with suggestions.

Through all of this we have learned what "Givers Gain" really means. People give because it is the right thing to do.

Family, friends, business associates, on-line friends and total strangers have given to the CDA to continue education and research into Diabetes.  We have been moved by the generosity of all our donors.  Large or doesn't matter.  Each one counts.

I have been given advice on training and nutrition.  Some unsolicited.  All valuable.  I have been to a chiropractor, undergone hypnotherapy, had a pedicure, bought better shoes. 

I am eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking less alcohol, reducing salty snacks. As Sally says, "gotta take care of that 50+ body". 

I am running smarter and including rest days. To all the members of the Wasaga Beach Road Runners:  Thank you!

But the biggest lesson?  Its not all about me.

I started this whole thing because I wanted to finish a marathon.  "Me, me, me!"  Everything changed when I decided to dedicate the attempt to raising money for the CDA.  That simple decision kept me sane through the challenges of 2009.  It unleashed kindness, generosity and support.  We knew it was there...just needed a hand to be released.

Givers Gain.  It feels good!

Until next time...

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