Friday, September 4, 2009

Mad Dogs & Englishmen in the Noon-day Sun

What do mad dogs & Englishmen have in common with me? We love the sun. We thrive at high noon when the sun is highest ... and hottest. I've been running at noon this week to get in some hot weather running prior to the Reggae Marathon December 5th. Lots of fluids before, during and after.

I have been out 3 times so far this week. For my run over the lunch hour today, I plan to 'layer up': add a long sleeve polar fleece top to increase the heat. It sounds crazy (and is sure to get the locals talking) but it mimics the sure-to-be hot conditions in Negril. If I don't make it back, Sally will be making the next blog post.

Also this week, I met a 'Miracle Maker'. My left knee has been killing me since spring. Pain through the joint combined with muscle pain above and below. Sally said I should get treatment and I finally listened. For the first time in my life I went to a chiropractor. And he performed a miracle! He adjusted my back, massaged all the offending muscles and re-balanced everything. Thank you Dr. Greg Cholewinski of the McNabb Health Centre in Collingwood and Stayner.

The immediate results were stunning. Running on off-camber roads in racing flats earlier this year combined with the tight muscles in my lower back combined to inflict the pain. Now that all the apparent root causes have been addressed, I am back to my natural, comfortable style. I haven't felt this good running in years. Feels great! Looking forward to the long run this Sunday with the Wasaga Beach Road Runners

A final note: fund raising for the Canadian Diabetes Association is picking up steam. Thank you to all who have contributed so far. Follow this link to get the donation form and instructions for donating Please give generously: all donations go directly to the CDA.

Remember if you travel through Wasaga Beach over the next few weeks to look out for the mad dogs and me.

Until next time...

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