Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why doesn't Tim Horton's have a non-dairy alternative for coffee?

That is not a trick question. Since we have moved to a gluten and dairy-free diet due to health issues, we have been forced to look very closely at ingredient lists. We do this for products we buy to prepare meals at home, and we pour over ingredient lists at the restaurants we frequent.

Imagine our surprise last week when we went into our local Tim Horton's for our regular coffee. Sally liked hers with double milk, no sugar. I took mine with double milk, and 2 artificial sweeteners (I know, I know...that will kill me. I'm too old now to change...I'll take the chance). We asked if they had a soy-based alternative. Blank stare. In fact, although we cannot use Lacteeze or similar product, they didn't have that either.

OK, I may have missed something here. The number one coffee chain in Canada doesn't offer a non-dairy alternative? I know we are not in the majority, but we are long-time customers. And loyal. We have a Tim Horton's Bunn coffee maker at home and use only Tim Horton's Fine Grind in it. And we just had a reverse osmosis filter system installed so we can have pure water to brew our morning cup.

Since that experience, we have driven to Collingwood for our coffee fix. To the Starbucks actually where they are pleased to offer both a soy and non-dairy alternative . Wow. They actually got Sally to try a Soy latte!

We are trying hard to be loyal. But unless something changes soon, we will be forced to join my sister, a die-hard Starbucks fan, in patronizing Starbucks.

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