Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blisters suck!

I had a love/hate run this morning with the Wasaga Beach Road Runners this past Sunday
Loved the run; hated the shoes.

While it was a sunny morning here in Wasaga Beach, summer weather still eluded us Sunday morning. +3 degrees Celsius with a strong wind coming from the north west off Georgian Bay. We heard the waves and saw the whitecaps. Thankfully we ran along Shorelane Road with much of the wind broken by the line of trees and homes.

My breathing settled down immediately after setting out and matched the quick pace for the out leg into the headwind. Hey, I could even keep up a conversation with Mike!

This was fun.

Then the insole in my right foot let me down. Literally.

I have had problems with these shoes. Love the brand and have put in lots of mileage over the year with the brand. This particular pair has not been my friend unfortunately.

After we made the turn for the even quicker pace back with the wind at our backs, I felt the blister. And of course since I didn't want to fall behind I kept up the pace. This of course was not a good idea.

I finished a couple of minutes faster on the inbound leg but could barely walk. A really big blister had developed on the arch of my right foot. Hello to a couple of days rest; goodbye shoes!

Even with this setback I am still on track with my training for the Reggae Marathon in Negril, December 5. ( I planned for some set backs early in the training. With this behind me...and a new, better fitting shoe in my immediate future, the training continues...


  1. Well done Chris, I have nothing but admiration for marathon runners. 200 meters was about my limit.
    We are meeting my cousin from England in Orlando in January as she is running the Disney marathon-"Goofy's Challenge" if believe.
    If you've recovered from the December run perhaps you'll join us:)

  2. Thanks for the empathy. When I first started, I ran at night in really bulky sweats. Didn't want anyone to see me. Made it downhill about 100 yards before I quit. Took me several years to get hooked. Thanks for the invitation. I'll have to think about it


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