Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Training for the Reggae Marathon in Negril

I met Mike McCluskey last week to talk about our common passion of running. I came away inspired and motivated. Inspired by his dream of starting the Wasaga Beach Road Runners club (here is the current link: and motivated to begin training in earnest to finish my goal of finishing the Reggae Marathon in Negril December 5 ( Mike's best piece of advice was that I didn't have to run the entire 42 km distance in training. He suggested a 30-something week training program that peaked with five-32 km runs and ended 3 weeks before the event. I know I don't have it absolutely correct yet, but, "I can do that"!

With all that positive energy, I went out for my first Long Slow Distance run on Sunday morning. It was NOT a morning that I wanted to climb out of my warm bed at 6:00 am to go for a long run. After a couple of warm days here in Wasaga Beach, Sunday morning dawned clear and COLD. Around 3 degrees Celsius.

Oh, and did I mention the wind? A stiff, cold wind was blowing from the north off the lake. That proved to be a bonus on the outbound leg, but I knew the return 6 km leg was going to be hell. It was.

So with my mind firmly set on the vision of crossing the finish line in Negril on December 5, I set out. I even met another person crazy enough to be out in the 'not-so-nice conditions'. Runners sure are nuts!

And as all long-time runners know from experience, highlights happen at any time. That morning I had two. First, I got to see a fabulous sunrise over Simcoe county. Wish I had my camera with me. Second, on my way back, running into the cold headwind, three young white-tale deer scampered across the road about 50 metres ahead of me. After that the final 2 km home was a breeze (bad pun I know).

Thanks for helping me with the motivation, Mike.

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  1. How long is your LSD run so far, Chris?

  2. I am up to 12 km. Planning to do that again this weekend then add about 2 km each week until I hit 32 km (about 20 miles). Doing it this way is 'doable'. :)

  3. Thanks Emmanuel. I appreciate it. It was a magical moment that Sally captured perfectly


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