Friday, March 27, 2009

Tips for Cooking Jamaican Style

Here are some cooking tips that I have picked up along the way. Hopefully they can be helpful to you too.

  • Jamaican nutmeg can be used to spice up various meat dishes, from red meat to poultry

  • Lemon or lime juice can be used to marinate poultry and fish and enhance the flavour

  • Putting water beneath your meat when barbequing or cooking in the oven will keep your meat moist and tender

  • Allspice is a great flavour enhancer for all stews and gravies

  • Your meat should be room temperature before putting on the bbq

  • Marinating your steak in a dark ale or lager makes a tasty steak

  • Boiling ribs with a little salt and a bunch of carrots, before putting them on the bbq, makes them extra tender and greatly reduces bbq cooking time

  • Pouring flour over a greased pan, will ensure your cake or muffin comes out smooth, with no greasy edges


  1. Great tips! thanks for sharing.

  2. I never know about boiling the meat with carrots prior to putting on the grill. I will certainly try this.

  3. As an English resident in Wasaga Beach, this takes me back to my days at the Notting Hill Carnival in London:

    Have you tried the Jerk Chicken from the "store" on concession 12? I keep driving past.


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