Sunday, March 1, 2009

Run the Reggae Marathon Trip expanding

I am planning to run in the Reggae Marathon in Negril, Jamaica December 5, 2009. I have some unfinished business and this marathon will finish it off once and for all. We plan to stay in Negril of course (thinking of a small hotel called Foote Prints).

Our original plan was to fly into Montego Bay and drive to Negril. Probably for about 4 days. That plan may now be modified after seeing the video that my cousin in Kinston, Karin posted on her blog When I forwarded this video on to others, the response was fantastic. I want to own this place!

Simply fantastic! Both the video and her blog where she covers cultural going-ons in Jamaica.

So, after the race in Negril, we may now have to head over to the Port Antonio area of the island for some more R&R. And to check out this fantastic house.

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  1. Yes, I highly recommend Portland! I might have to tag along for the R&R part of the visit!

    Thanks for the link C!


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