Friday, March 13, 2009

Mstrkrft on Jimmy Kimmel March 18

My wife Sally and I were in our home office this morning with our first cup of coffee. We were settling in for the day when we received a call from her very excited brother, Ed. He was buzzing with excitement; we had to put him on the speaker phone! His news: his son, Al P ( was going to be on the Jimmy Kimmel Show March 18! Check out this link to the show that notes the appearance next Wednesday:

Sally and I will not miss the show next week! His parents plan to PVR it.

The phone call this morning reminded me that true personal happiness and success can be found in a simple phrase, "Follow your passion!". As parents of 4 boys and mentors to numerous young people, we have given this advice repeatedly. Sally and I recently retired from the corporate rat and are now following our true passion of living and working together. We wish we had done it sooner.

I wish I had met Al sooner as well. About 8 years ago, when I did meet him, he had his own recording studio in the basement of his parent's home. He recorded some material for me for a pet project (a late night stream-of-consciousness radio show). He even had me record some spoken word material for a musical project he was working on. I could tell then that he was living his passion. I should have gotten his autograph then.

We get so distracted don't we. We let intrusions get in the way of what we truly want to do. Al, thanks for reminding me that it is not too late to get on the right track.

We'll be applauding next Wednesday.

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