Friday, February 27, 2009

How to celebrate a good business and personal week

It has been a good week. On the business side, my wife Sally and I just signed up with a group called Pre Paid Legal. We will marketing their services which include protection from identity theft along with affordable access to legal counsel. Similar in concept to CAA: provides peace of mind.

Also on the business front, concluded my first sale for alteredperceptioninc, the talented design studio I am working for in sales and marketing. Feels good.

And still in business, completed the script for my presentation, "How to maximize your marketing in turbulent times". Lots of interest from local Chamber of Commerce and Business Improvement Areas (BIA's).

On the personal side, found out that Sally has a great head for business! She came up with the plan for us to work together on all of our multiple streams of income activities! She is a tough taskmaster and I told her as long as she keeps me presenting to groups, things will go great.

Had a great run in really mild conditions this morning. Finally. Serious training has now begun for my Reggae Marathon in Negril this December.

And also on the personal side, I checked out the blog postings on This is a business run by a great group of young people who think they can change the world one deed at a time. I support them wholeheartedly.

This has been a great week to on to the Birthday weekend :)

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