Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rodeo Road Trip

The three kids and I had planned this cross-Canada road trip from Toronto to Calgary for a number of months. We were all excited about the prospect of spending two weeks on the road. Heading west to visit friends in Saskatoon and Calgary with a sidebar to Banff. Just the boys

Started in Windsor. I had been on a business trip in Detroit.

My wife drove the fully loaded Isuzu Rodeo down to Windsor with the boys. Said our good byes at the Tim Horton’s and dropped her off at the Windsor Airport for her flight back to Toronto. Headed toward the tunnel to find I 90 for the first leg of the journey through downtown Detroit, across Michigan into Illinois and through Chicago in rush hour. Continued on up to Wisconsin for our first night’s stop in Madison.

Long first day. Coming after a night of no sleep due to the ‘celebration’ that concluded the business trip. Exhausted. Happy.

The Rodeo had been a surprise addition to our fleet. I am not a truck guy, but we felt flush after my recent job promotion and decided to get on the SUV bandwagon early. Black. Aluminum rims. 2.8 L V6. 5-speed manual…even then I chose oddball vehicles. Either that or the Dealer saw a sucker coming…

Effortless drive to be honest. Packed to the roof behind the rear seats. We stopped every two hours to rotate the boys through the seating. Ensured that everyone got to ride shotgun. Rodeo ran very smoothly along the Interstates. Long wheelbase, highway tires, 5th gear overdrive all contributed to the comfort.

Day 2 started early. We wanted to make it to Minot, North Dakota by day’s end. Same routine. 2-hour stops. Breakfast, lunch and dinner on the road.

Stopped in Bismarck, North Dakota around 6 pm for supper at a Jack in the Box. 3 hours to go to Minot.

Headed north from Bismarck on a two-lane highway. Sun began to sink into the horizon off to our left.

Gorgeous light.

Stereo tuned to a local rock station.

Everyone relaxed

Then the moment: opening chords to ‘Life is a Highway’ by Tom Cochran.

All four of us broke into the chorus.


We were ‘on the road’!

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