Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Response to ‘You Get to Play Again Tomorrow’ post

Wow! It really is possible for an individual to change the world.

After I posted the story, ‘You get to play again tomorrow’, on Jan 20, I expected the usual response: some emails, normal level of site visits.

This time I received an unexpected and very pleasant surprise.

First I noticed that the number of hits to the blog jumped significantly. I did my usual promotion:

Then I started getting emails. All complementary. Unusual. At first I chalked it up the giddiness of the day: January 20, Barak Obama’s inauguration http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjnygQ02aW4

Later that afternoon though, the answer was revealed. It came in the form of an email chain from a friend who had found the topic particularly relevant. He had not only forwarded it on to his staff, but had also sent it on to his associates in his company across the country!

This blew me away. I started blogging last fall as a rant (I had just lost my job at the time) and while it has morphed and changed over the months, I did not expect that it could be influential. Pleasant surprise.

As I reflected on this during the evening while watching Obama’s Inauguration Ball (yes, I watched over 8 hours of inauguration coverage that day!), I grew to appreciate the significance of what had happened. I was humbled and reminded of the fact that there are decent people in the world. It re-affirmed my personal belief system: act morally, ethically and treat others with respect at home, work and play.

As a final comment on this, here are two responses that from the email chain (I have removed the identities to protect their privacy)

  • “Great (and edifying) story and made me think immediately of a few times both my kids and kids I coached said something similar, BUT, never took the time to write down”
  • “This arrived at an opportune moment yesterday as doom and gloom was being spouted by some people in the office. This provided perspective and I've tuned the doom and gloomers out! We are playing again tomorrow!”

Thanks for forwarding the email, JY. And thanks again Andrew for teaching us that we do get to play again tomorrow.


  1. Yes Chris!! You are changing the world already just by sharing your heartfelt thoughts and words!
    Keep on movin' and groovin'!


  2. Thanks. It feels right and intuitive to keep doing this

  3. Keep on bloggin...! Was a great post...glad you got so many positive responses!

  4. Thanks. With some much bad news in the world, it is essential that we try to find the positive things that are still going on.

  5. These stories are great, but I, personally, would prefer more sentence structure rather than the choppy style you're currently using. No offense, but it makes my eyes and brain tired. As a result, I sometimes put off reading the blog.

  6. Thanks "anonymous". I appreciate your comments and feedback. I was trying for a very active, speaking-style approach, but will take it under advisement.


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