Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Reaction to "Stop Drinking the Koolaid" article

Received significant feedback overnight regarding the article I posted yesterday. One email in particular caught my attention because it reminded me that we can never, ever give up! To steal a line from the movie, "Apollo 13", "Failure is not an option!

Below is the email followed by my response:

Email from JY:

"Funny we were speaking of the same thing in our sales meeting this morning. It is just one bad thing after another isn’t it. Where is the good news? I remember when we first graduated from college in 1981 and things were pretty rough then as you might recall, with few jobs and interest rates around 20%. At the suggestion of one of our salespeople who was like you we started a good news only newscast at 4p every day. It featured only funny news stories and good news and the response was…..listeners hated it!!!! After less than two months we took it off the air. I guess people like to be told of the grim, the gruesome and just plain bad news. Give em what they want!"

My Response:

"No, we must not give in to the lowest common denominator. Just because the idea did not work then does not doom it to the failure bin. Try again. Do it differently this time: get all the announcers and news people to look for good/positve angles on all the stories and commentaries. Demand that when they have to report a doom and gloom story, they balance it with a positive commentary. Don't wait. Do it now!"

Now I'll wait and see if anything happens...

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