Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas and Blogging

I found that it was nearly impossible to generate traffice to any of my blogs over the Christmas/New year's break. Seemed that people were exhausted: all the bad news in the media and in their jobs took its toll and people simply 'checked out'. Took the time to update the template and condense all three of my blogs into one: I now have my running, car driving and business stories all in one place that seems to make sense now as my blogging evolves. Stories with a message I guess would be the best way to describe it.

To launch 2009 properly, I decided to go against the grain this morning, January 5. Got up early and went skiing. Mount St. Louis north of Barrie was the destination this morning. Hit the lifts right at 8:30 am. Had my choice of over 25 runs virtually to myself for three hours!! Fantastic machine groomed runs. Light flat, but temperatures mild. No waiting in lift lines! Living north of Toronto has its benefits.

Finally, looking at the advertising industry for 2009. Don't like what I see for the mainstream agencies based in Toronto. Especially the ones with automotive accounts. People will work harder and be under even more stress. I see health issues coming for some. Myself...I am going to continue to blog, experiement with social marketing and work with smaller, non-Toronto firms where much of the action seems to be.

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