Thursday, December 11, 2008

2005 1st Quarter Business Sayings

2005 was a very good year. Lots of angst in the boardrooms and meeting rooms about growing sales and market share. Didn’t seem that the good times would never end. And they didn’t…not in 2005. Picked up a great deal of mangled sayings that year. Here are the first of them:

  1. Gut check / Gut instinct
  2. You are peeing on me and telling me its raining…nice try!
  3. Flushed out
  4. Sell them like popcorn
  5. The secret is in the pudding
  6. As soon as its announced that the new blonde is coming to school, the old blonde is dead
  7. We are in the soup and don’t know what’s coming down next
  8. Don’t know when we are going to be hit with the turnip
  9. Go back and stroke it
  10. One foot on the casket
  11. Curiosity teaser
  12. Picking the fly S out of the pepper
  13. I don’t want to mow your lawn
  14. Prime the pump
  15. Common sense ain’t that common
  16. It is but it isn’t
  17. The proof is in the numbers
  18. Don’t equip it, strip it
  19. Exactly right
  20. Way, way, way
  21. Too much vanilla ice cream makes you sick
  22. Anthropomorphize
  23. Let’s be seagulls
  24. Put it on the hood
  25. Scooped out of the chute
  26. Trying to chase too many rabbits and not catching any
  27. Consensed
  28. Let’s not let a few details ruin a good story
  29. The pig in the snake
  30. Jump through a brick wall
  31. Cheeks in the seats
  32. The challenge is to decide what the challenge is
  33. The objective is the goal
  34. We have to find a way to achieve the objective
  35. If you go and ask and the answer is no, then you have to make a decision
  36. Coming down the pipe

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