Sunday, November 9, 2008

How it begins

Cars. Sports cars. Fast cars. New cars. I have a deep fascination with cars and the automotive industry. Always have. From early days crawling through the service bays at my Dad’s service station repairing tires and getting thoroughly covered in grease to more recent experiences in owning, driving and talking endlessly about cars.

My particular preference is toward small, efficient yet powerful cars that handle really well both at high speed and through the twisty stuff. I prefer the form follows function philosophy. And from the stories to follow, you will note that I am not afraid to try some oddball stuff.

I have started this blog to share my stories. Cars that I have driven. My impressions in cars that I have driven and been a passenger in. Cars I wished I had driven. Road stories. There will be some trucks, but mostly it will be about cars.

I hope you will comment with your own stories and forward on to like-minded individuals. Should make for interesting reading. Hopefully it stirs up discussion.

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  1. Wonderful note Chris, brings back fond memories of both Birmingham and Zurich auto shows where, as you can imagine the best, lavish and most powerful engineers "post" their talent and babies! If you're not an admirer after that, you'll never be.

    Thanks for the note and I look forward to many more



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