Friday, October 31, 2008

Chapter 10 “We need to plan the plan so that we have a strategic plan”

The fun part of any meeting is actually feeling all the hot air that escapes from the vastly more intelligent and superior people than you who feel they simply have to make a statement or must contribute to the meeting. Usually the whole thing devolves into a series of contradictory statements and filled-up flip charts (wish I had the franchise for markers). And the more stressful the situation, the less the humour...the more the charts look like unintelligible The inevitable outcome is that the meeting must end with an action plan that everyone nodds and says yes they will support. But immediately after the meeting adjourns, if you listen really carefully you will inevitably hear the muttering, “Not a snowballs chance in hell that I am going to support that crazy plan…but this binder will take up some space on my shelf”

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