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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Vitamin D

After a year in the great white north it's time for some natural Vitamin D. And not the kind that comes in a bottle!  The signals have grown louder in recent weeks: pale and pasty. That's not a good look for me.  It was a great summer in Toronto with lots of heat and sunshine but nothing beats the sunshine, white sand and warm Caribbean in Negil.  Now thay'd real Vitam D and it begins this Thursday.

Rondel Village on the beach in Negril is home base for Reggae Marathon.  It's about a mile and a half from the start/finish area at Long Bay Beach Park.  That makes for a comfortable pre-race warm up walk Saturday morning.  Rondel Village is an intimate resort made up of a number of 3 story buildings nestled on a gorgeous stretch of white sand beach.  The place is lush with tropical vegitation and the walk along the paths to the beach is like walking through a jungle.

Getting settled in at Rondel Village takes no time:  Quick check in, bag dropped off in my room, change into swimming trunks then down to the beach.  That's day one. For the rest of the time it's early morning running, breakfast in the beachside restaurant then sun, sun, sun... Premium Grade Vitamin D!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner taken in leisure at the outdoor restaurant just steps from the beach. They have a great breakfast menu at the restaurant but it's the same every morning:  Blue Mountain Coffee and Ackee and Saltfish.

We talk and talk and talk...and not just about running.  With active families and lifestyles, it takes time to catch up on all the goings on over the past year.  Yeah we have social media but it's better face-to-face.  And what makes Rondel Village even better?   No shoes no problem...bathing suit morning till night.

Gotta go now...back to the Vitamin D.

Until next time...

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Getting ready for some Reggae

With a couple of months to go, I'm getting ready for some Reggae...Reggae Marathon in Negril, Jamaica on December 3.  This year at Reggae Marathon marks my 8th consecutive event.  And while I like new adventures, returning to Reggae Marathon every December is one my all-time favourite vacation running activities.  

Getting ready for Reggae Marathon ramps up now with under two months to go.  I look forward to touchdown in Montego Bay: The hot late afternoon sun once out of the airport terminal;  the cacaphony of sounds making my way to the JUTA Negril shuttle;  the smells...the air just smells better in Jamaica.

I eagerly anticipate the drive from Montego Bay to Negril and my favourite touchpoints:  The waterwheel at Tryall; the highpoint overlooking the harbour in Lucea; the marking on the road just past Green Island where the original Full Reggae Marathon course turned. And especially the sign for Long Bay Beach Park, the start and finish of Reggae Marathon.  Quiet as I pass by but crazy busy come race morning.

Once checked into my hotel, the lovely Rondel Village directly on the Negril beach, I ditch the long pants and shoes and head down to the beach for my first dip in the warm Caribbean.  Ahhh...I've arrived!  Then it's supper with Dan.

Every year since Dan and I have been staying at Rondel Village it's the same:  Red Stripe and Jerk Chicken for supper with lots of catch-up talk.  Even though we keep in touch throughout the year via phone, email and of course Facebook, it's nice to be face-to-face.  We really should record our conversations...I know we solve all the problems of the world.  Generally it's an early turn in for me after the long travel day but it's with anticipation of an early morning run the next morning.  And that first run in Negril each year is really special.

Despite the laid back attitude, Jamaicans are early risers.  On our early morning run along the main Negril road traffic is steady with people going to work, kids off to school and vendors and stores getting ready for the day.  There's a new sidewalk that runs almost the entire distance into the town of Negril and we often see locals sweeping and cleaning up.  It's always a sweaty run this first time out but then it's a +25 degree Celsius swing in temperature for me from Toronto to Negril. Love it!

Breakfast!  Dan and I meet up at the Rondel Village beach-side restaurant after we've changed into our beach toggs.  We always get a menu but the decision is always the same:  Hot Blue Mountain coffee, Ackee and Saltfish. Yes I make both back in Toronto, but enjoying Jamaica's national breakfast barefoot with sand between my toes is beyond sublime.  We take our time but all too soon it's time for the day's major activity:  Catching rays lounging beachside.

And the stories we tell!  In between Red Stripes, dozing off (at least I do), dips in the Caribbean and planning what to eat for lunch it's just hours of glorious sunshine on the white sand beach.  Under copiously slathered on Sunscreen of course. 

Yes it's tough getting ready for Reggae Marathon.  And I am ready to give it another go this December!

Until next time...