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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Thrive in the Gig Economy

Don't survive, thrive in the Gig Economy!

Just about everyone has a 'side hustle'.  A part-time job, a web business or consulting gig.  Other than the part-time job, success depends on generating qualified leads.  Then turning those leads into customers.  That takes selling skills.

While teaching over the past 3 years at George Brown College in the Continuing Education Program (Part-time of course), I've observed that no matter the course, Students crave three skills:
  1. How to think like an Entrepreneur.  In this particular GBC course, 'Entrepreneurship', they learn how to look for unfulfilled market opportunities then develop a venture that satisfied that need.  They could be inventing something all new but more often it's providing a service just a little bit better than someone else.
  2. Business Operation skills.  How do I set up my business?  What's a Balance Sheet?  How do use Cash Flow projections?  These are the things covered in the Small Business course at GBC.
  3. Sales skills.  Not everyone will have 'Sales' in their job descriptions but these students want to learn how to sell better.  Most often, how to sell themselves!  In the Professional Selling GBC Course, they learn Trust-based, Relationship Selling strategies and techniques focused on solving their customers problems.
Taken all together,  these are the essential skills needed to thrive in business, and especially in the Gig Economy!

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

What an Entrepreneur Looks Like

'Entrepreneur".  A word used so commonly now that it has almost lost meaning.  In the workplace, 'Entrepreneural Thinker" is an cliche...dare I say oxymoron:  Companies way they want their employees to solve problems but really don't want 'free thinkers' who don't follow procedures.

"Startups" are started up by Entrepreneurs.  Most don't make it for one reason:  They don't clearly have a scalable venture that solves a real customer problem.  Or they run out of capital.

So what does an Entrepreneur look like?  The best picture of an Entrepreneur is of the young person hustling from a young age...they are unafraid of failure, in fact learn from provide solutions to problems:

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