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Thursday, January 16, 2020

What happens in an Internet Minute

In an Internet minute, all 60 seconds of it, a lot goes on.  I expected huge numbers for activities like facebook, Google Searches and Social Media.  But the Netflix statistic is mind blowing:  In one Internet Minute, 694,444 hours of content are watched!  Have fun with these other stats:
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Chris Morales
Chris Morales, Marketing, Toronto

Sunday, April 20, 2014

In conversation with...Digital Media

In a recent conversation with a senior Digital Media leader in Toronto we heard about the challenges in the business as well as learned about what brands she likes and why.

What are the top 3 hurdles you face in your business?
  • Working with stale dated third party audience metrics in combination with an industry that is slow to change.
  • The downward pressure on margin and the upward pressure on expense.
  • Expanding the personnel skill set to match the evolution of the media platforms and marketer needs.
What are the top 3 issues Brands or Businesses face in Digital Marketing?
  1. Fulsome data integration of  all communication activities on one data management platform
  2. Extracting actionable business intelligence
  3. Ensuring that the relevant performance indicators are established and acted on 
    We've heard about the 'Talent Gap'.  Where do you see the talent gaps in the Marketing industry?
    • Data analysts, search scientists, consumer insight strategists, and strong cross channel account planners are in high demand in the media advertising industry.  In addition there is an increasing need for articulate individuals who can digest complex data sets and explain their meaning in a pragmatic and understandable fashion.
    How are Canadian Advertising Agencies coping in the Digital Marketing Age?
    • Major Canadian media agencies have been adapting well to the exploding digital commercial offerings.  Digital teams are growing to include planning and  buying  experts in social, mobile, video, SEO SEM and programmatic trading. Agencies are employing dashboard architects and data analysts to extract the business intelligence generated by the data management platforms. There is no question that the learning curve is steep and the resource requirements puts a strain on the operating structure of the agencies but evolved digital  thinking  is an absolute necessity in this digital marketing age. 
    If you had a crystal, what do you see are the major business issues in 2014?
    • In the business of media planning and buying the business issues include:
      • Commercial Audience Measurement: Changing the currency standard  of buying and selling  from cost per maybe (CPM) to cost per customer contact (CPCC)….a better gage of ROI
      • Commercial talent protocols: Evolving the ACTRA commercial rules and regulations into a world of commercial message access anywhere, anytime, anyhow.
      • Accountability: Increased vigilance on the veracity of the online commercial offering: (.Click fraud, blog  fraud, viewability et al)
      What's the most innovative marketing campaign you've seen recently?
      • Old Spice: Why? Reinventing, repositioning, “your fathers/grandfathers brand” is a challenge. What is old is new again….the new and evolved brand positioning speaks to the “world” on so many levels.
      • Interac: Why? Bold, hard to miss, makes the point, fully integrated.
      What brands do you personally follow and why?
      • WestJet: Why?  A maverick Canadian business that defied and continues to defy the category odds …a David and Goliath story. Brand communication that combines care with a wink and a smile and strong call to action.
      • Newfoundland Tourism: Why? Always beautiful creative messaging that evokes the soul of the place and beckons you to come….strong emotional resonance

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