Friday, March 22, 2019

The Anatomy of Online Reputation Management

'Boys behaving badly' are not the only people who have to worry about their online reputations.  Companies have an even greater risk online with their reputations because consumers make purchase decisions based on what others are saying.  78% of consumers trust peer recommendations when making decisions as noted in the Infographic below.  

A basic plan for managing your online reputation involves Listening, Responding, Publishing:
  • Listening to the conversations that are already going on.  Wherever they are happening.  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter are the Big 3.  Google and other Review sites are also very important.
  • Responding to comments, positive and negative.  More so for the negatives.  In a timely manner using plain language
  • Publishing content about your company to generate positive awareness for your products or services.  Company history, new product updates, special offers are just a few of the topics for Blogs, Facebook and Twitter updates.  Sharing stories that help your customers should be your focus.
People want to know they can trust a company to deliver what they promised.  A positive online reputation goes a long way toward building that trust.

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