Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Weekend In Negril

What a great weekend in Negril!  I had a great time running Saturday morning of course but that was only the tip of the iceberg!  It began with the flight last Wednesday...
  • I flew direct, non-stop to Montego Bay for the first time ever to get to Jamaica for Reggae Marathon.  I arrived almost too quickly...barely had time to listen to my full music selections and watch the movie! I'm not complaining of course...I got into Negril early enough to go for a swim before catching up with Dan Cumming over supper.
  • The drive from Montego Bay to Negril has become a touchstone for me.  Crazy, busy airport and drive through Montego Bay that eases into a smooth drive along the coast road.  I always look out for the water wheel in Tryall, the stop-and-go drive through Lucea and Green Island...that means we are only miles away.
  • Beach, beach, beach!  After a hearty breakfast each morning of Ackee and Saltfish and lovely Blue Mountain Coffee, I settle into my Negril routine:  Lounge chair feet from the water for the morning siesta.  Lots of sunscreen of course but I could lounge here all day...I usually do!
  • The post-race photo with Dan, Navin, Larry and I.  This year we made it 30 Reggae Marathons between us;  it was my 9th consecutive!  I can't say enough about these guys.  We trash talk all year online and only meet up in person at Reggae Marathon.  Larry won the Challenge by-the way...no living with him for the next year!
  • The Beer Bus pub crawl on Sunday afternoon was...well, let's just say we got waaaaay off the beaten path for this one!  Our driver took us to two extra special bars:  One owned by his wife...the other by his Ex-Wife!  Only in Jamaica
I spent the week as usual at Rondel Village.  Great, intimate, family-run resort right on the Negril Beach.  The sunsets are spectacular but so are the sunrises, this one with the Super Moon...
A great weekend in Negril. Another year done and a new one to look forward to...

Until next time...

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