Tuesday, December 12, 2017

All you need is love...and a good run

All you really need is love...and a good run.  Ahhh...a good run!  Nuff said!

Actually, you need the love and support of a good spouse.  To put up with the early morning rising if you're a morning runner.  And in my case, putting up with me hogging one of our bathrooms with my winter running gear.  We live in a hi-rise...no other place for it.

Yeah, I need love all right...but then, it does help with the Crazy!

Here are a few other running sayings that caught my attention this week:
OK so I'm carrying a little extra weight.  And the waist size could be a few inches smaller.  Overall though everything else is a A One!
With respect for those who do use gym facilities, I've never had the habit of going to the gym.  I've gone swimming but only to recover from a running injury and when training for Triathalons.
But this is the real reason I run.  Running keeps the stress manageable.  I can tell you I solve problems while running and that would be true sometimes.  But mostly I run to keep sane!

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