Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Reggae Marathon...My Favourite Experience

My favourite races?  There are so many over the years but one stands out for the experience:  Reggae Marathon!
I've experienced Reggae Marathon every year since 2009.  If you're counting that's 8 to-date.  This December 2 makes 9 consecutive.  I can't think of another race that has captured the pure essence of running commraderie.  Larry, Navin and Dan (above, left to right) would agree!

While on the Reggae Marathon, that's Lisa Laws the founding spirit of the Reggae Runnerz.  It began with a small group of ladies a few years ago and has now blossomed into 500+ Runnerz meeting up in Negril every December for their annual 'Runcation'.

I've got to run with two of my sons, Courtney and Andrew, a couple of times at Reggae Marathon.  I use the term 'running together' very loosely.  It's more accurate to say that we were in the same race event together...they are quite speedy!

Without Sally, Bob and Debbie...especially Sally...this 8+ year experience at Reggae Marthon would have been over after year 1.  That year, Reggae Marathon 2009 was my first time racing in Negril.  It was also the completion of my first and to-date only Marathon.  Sally sat in the hot mid-morning sun for hours waiting for me to finish.  Did I mention that she is not a sun worshiper?  Saint!

Cooling off in the refreshing Caribbean after Reggae Marathon!  Nuff Said!

The year I walked the Reggae Marathon with a broken foot.  Foolish?  Some would agree but I kept the consecutive streak alive!  

The big finish at Reggae Marathon 2009.  5+ hours (not bad for a newbie).  Elation combined with relief...and a few tears!  Dun and DUN!

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