Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Lazy Ass Runner

I was a lazy ass runner this weekend.  Just couldn't get motivated to run on Saturday or Sunday.  It might have been related to the back-to-back late nights Friday and Saturday along with a little more 'adult refreshment' than normal.  Perhaps if I'd planned the weekend as rest days I wouldn't feel so guilty.  But nevertheless I didn't do any running over this past weekend.  Now Monday...

Monday morning was another story.  Sunday evening I planned a tough workout to compensate for my lazy ass weekend.  Hill repeats plus Planking. 40 minutes was the target and I was pleased with eventually getting in over 50 minutes.  Surprisingly it wasn't as tough as I feared.  Maybe the two rest days were good.

OK, that was the plan.  I got in the 50 minutes of hills and planking all right but it was harder than I expected. Who knew that a weekend of drinking and no exercise would affect hill workouts!  I needed another rest day Tuesday.  Lazy Ass for sure!

The morale of the story it's best to keep at it.  Slow and steady if you must, just keep running!

Wednesday will be a new day...

Until next time...

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