Tuesday, July 4, 2017

For the love of running

For the love of ... running!

I run when I'm sick.  I run when I'm tired.  I run when it's cold and raining.  Most mornings of the year I run.  Even those mornings when the body screams 'NO!'  I do it because I love running.

I've slowed down recently.  My running performance fell off a cliff actually.  Over the past 9 months I've endured countless tests and doctor visits.  No explanation coming other than 'You performance has declined...want to do more tests?".  It was all I could do not to respond, "Doh...NO!"  What to do?  

I began running to loose weight and keep my blood pressure in check.  In that I've succeeded in spades!  I'm not on any medication and while my weight is up (way too many salty snacking) my blood pressure readings continually astound my Doctor.  

Over the years I've seen two of my sons take up running.  We've run together in a couple of Half Marathons at Reggae Marathon and more than a few 10K's in Toronto.  Both are still running and one is married to quite the speedy runner herself.

I've met a number of friends through a common love of running.  One in particular has a deep and speedy Marathon running background while others run for fun.  We are all united by the tall tales we tell and stories shared.  Usually over a cold Red Stripe or two.  

Does running immitate life or is it the opposite?  The roller coaster experience that is life has been made easier through my running.  Some days it's all I have!

So despite the decline I still get out for a run most days.  That's the love of running!
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