Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Cast your vote for Reggae Marathon

Cast your vote for Reggae Marathon as International Race of the Year. I'd say 'vote now and vote often'  but it's one vote per email so I'll stick with 'Vote Now'.

Reggae Marathon is my favourite race event.  2017 will be my 9th consecutive Reggae Marathon Experience.  I don't run many races anymore...I like my early morning runs each day.  But I think about being in Negril on the first Saturday of December ever year to meet up with all my running friends:  Larry, Navin, Dan of course and everyone else I meet on the beach and on the road.  And on The Bus...the Sunday evening pub crawl on the One Love Bus tops off the Reggae Marathon Experience every time!

Reggae Marathon is often in the Top 10 International Marathon events primarily because of the amazing care we get as runners:  The Pasta Party Friday night, the well organized race course, the post-race beach party all one of the best beaches in the world, Negril. Now let's show some love.  Men's Running UK and Women's Running UK have included Reggae Marathon on their list of International Races in 2017.  So shameless promotion: Click on either of the links below to vote for Reggae Marathon:
 Men's International Race of the Year
 Women's Race of he Year
You can also check out the voting at this link, Vote for Reggae Marathon.

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